Alongside the masterplan we have prepared a Town Investment Plan for Redcar.

You can read our Town Investment Plan here and watch a video showing the proposals here. The plan below shows the five projects that were included in the Town Investment Plan.

Some of these projects combine several the proposals which we consulted on.

Please scroll down to see more details on these projects

Town Centre Investment Plan

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Project 1

Project 1: Town Centre Transformation, Esplanade and Station Road Scheme

We will enhance the High Street by improving the paving and appearance of public spaces. We aim to create an uncluttered environment and develop spaces for events and activities. Furthermore, improvements will be made to Station Road as it connects to The Regent cinema towards Redcar Central Station, effectively serving as a gateway to the town. Queen Still will also be enhanced.

As part of the design, we will be celebrating Redcar’s history and culture by introducing public artwork. The High Street and Events Space will be developed in conjunction with the Culture and Leisure Anchor Attraction project. For more information on the High Street, please visit or dedicated Town Centre Transformation website (click here). For Station Road, please visit our Station Road Improvement page (click here).

  • Attractive High Street, Station Road & Esplanade
  • Outdoor Event Space

Project 2

Project 2: Culture and Leisure Anchor Attraction

A new family activity centre and relocated library/cultural hub is proposed all under one roof. The family activity centre will include indoor activities for people to enjoy. This will help to turn Redcar into a year-round destination; less dependent upon good weather.

The new library and cultural hub will also help to create a new community focus. Alongside the more traditional reading offer, this could include access to new technologies, an exciting story telling area, computer spaces, visitor information and rooms for exhibitions, meetings and other events/functions. For further info on this development, please visit our dedicated Anchor Attraction page (click here).

  • Indoor Activity Centre 
  • Library+: Community and Culture Hub
Project 3

Project 3: Town Centre Management

Rediscover Redcar will provide a dedicated resource to liaise with businesses, investors, landlords and residents informing them of the plans and developments within the Town Deal Programme, while also developing a meaningful stakeholder forum to provide insight on the current challenges and opportunities facing the High Street.

The service, which will be based at the former Hensons site on West Terrace, will also administer support to businesses, seek to improve the visitor experience and co-ordinate and support events and activities. For further information, please visit our dedicated Town Centre Management page.

  • High Street Support Grant Funding
  • Identify & Support Local Businesses
Project 4

Project 4: Clean Energy Education Hub

The Clean Energy Education Hub will be a specialist industrial training facility, designed to meet the current and emerging skills needs of the clean energy sector, including offshore wind, renewables, and hydrogen.

The facility, located at Redcar and Cleveland College, will be unique in Tees Valley, delivering a range of courses for young people aged 16-18, including apprenticeships, industrial programmes and a Higher Education offer. There will also be courses for the existing workforce, enabling them to adapt current skills and develop new skills to support the adoption of clean energies for commercial, industrial and domestic use. For further information, please visit our dedicated Clean Energy Education Hub website (click here).

  • Centre for Energy and Skills planning
  • Opportunities in renewables sector
Project 5

Project 5: Coastal Activity Hub

The Coastal Activity Hub will host a range of exciting activities, sports and events. Its facilities will enable water, beach, and land-based activities such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, walking, horse riding, running, cycling and yoga. Redcar will become a destination for coastal activities and outdoor recreation, promoting healthier lifestyles and wellbeing. For further information, please visit our dedicated Coastal Activity Hub website (click here).

  • Coastal Activity Hub at Coatham
  • Outdoor recreation space

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