The Government launched the £3.6 billion Towns Fund in July 2019 and invited around 100 places in England to develop proposals for a Town Deal in September 2019.

This includes towns with industrial heritage which have not benefited from economic growth in the same way as more prosperous areas. Redcar is one of these towns. The Council has now agreed proposals for investment of up to £25 million with the Government.
This funding will help to increase economic growth, with a focus on regeneration, tourism and leisure, culture, skills and connectivity. The funding received as part of the Town Deal will be invested in the Redcar area shown on the diagram above, with a key focus on Redcar town centre and esplanade. It will help to address the impact of Covid-19 upon the local economy, whilst focusing primarily on delivering sustainable, long-term change.
The next page tells you about the vision we have developed for Redcar as part of the Town Investment Plan.

Redcar Boundary Plan

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