Project 1:
Town Centre Transformation

  • Attractive High Street
  • Enhancing the Esplanade
  • New Public Space
  • Business Grants and Town Centre Management

This will comprise improvements to both the High Street and Esplanade. It could include, for example, new street furniture, lighting, greenery and signage at the western end of the High Street, as well as on streets linking with the Esplanade, where artwork and other improvements to blank walls will help to draw people down these routes. The Esplanade itself will be enhanced by widening pavements, slowing traffic, and creating convenient crossing points, making it easier to walk, cycle and spend time here.
A new public events space will create a direct link from Regent Walk and the High Street through to the Esplanade, as well as a focal point for events and activities. Increasing the availability of grants to improve shop frontages and fit outs in the wider town centre will help to enhance the shopping environment, support the independent sector and reduce vacancy rates. Town Centre Management will run the grant scheme and provide a range of other support to businesses.
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