We asked you to tell us what the town’s most important assets are and what kind of projects should be prioritised as part of the masterplan and Town Investment Plan.  

After reviewing all of the feedback, the Town Deal Board agreed a vision which is set out below.

Our Vision for Redcar

During the next 10 years, Redcar will maximise its position on the North East coast and be a key asset in a thriving Tees Valley economy.

Redcar will be a coastal town which people aspire to live in, with attractive residential areas, educational and cultural opportunities and a public realm which reflects our pride and investment in our place. Redcar’s people will have the aspirations and skills they need to take advantage of major local economic opportunities linked to inward investment sites, ensuring a secure and prosperous future for both themselves and the town. Our geography and a wide range of year-round attractions and events will drive a vibrant visitor economy, with an exciting offer for thrill seekers and families alike. The town will be well connected, with physical and digital infrastructure giving our residents and businesses opportunities to operate on local, regional, national and international scales.

Our success will be rooted in our pride of place and will build on our proud industrial past, embracing sustainability and the green economy as a major part of our long-term future. Our strong pioneering spirit will ensure that Redcar leads the way as a great place to live, work and enjoy.

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